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i want a Five Nights At Freddy’s crossover with Tenkai Knights

That way, Gen and Beni are night guards

I like cancelled plans. And empty bookstores. I like rainy days and thunderstorms. And quiet coffee shops. I like messy beds and over-worn pajamas. Most of all, I like the small joys that a simple life brings.
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• Use the hand you write with.

• Make a fist with your thumb outside, not tucked inside. If it’s tucked inside your fist, when you punch someone, you might break your thumb. The thumb goes across your fingers, not on the side.

• Don’t be like in the movies—don’t aim for the face. Face punches don’t usually stop people, and you can miss when they duck their head or break your hand on their jaw. If you want to get away quickly, or end a fight, aim for the chest, or the ribs. If you really want to do some damage, e.g., you’re being attacked, aim for the throat, which will make it hard for your attacker to breathe for a hot minute.

• When you punch, you want to aim and hit with your first two knuckles. Not the flats of your fingers, and not your ring or pinky knuckles, which can break more easily. You can use your weight, if you’re on your feet, to add wallop, and spring into a punch with your feet and torso.

Useful information, esp. if you haven’t taken self defense.

I reblogged this once before to add this and I’ll do it again…

keep your wrist straight.

You can also risk breaking your wrist if you allow it to bend.  I actually can’t believe this isn’t in there.

Other good pointers:

  • if your attacker is male, go for his junk - especially if he’s wearing loose pants. There’s no sportsmanship when it comes to assault so fuck them balls UP
  • punching pretty much ANYWHERE in the face is going to actually hurt you a LOT (just think - you’re punching your bones into their bones and ow). If you’re going for the face, my suggestion is to strick upwards with your palm.


see that meaty portion highlighted in red? There’s a lot of muscle and fat right there which makes it excellent for striking. Hold your hand as shown and aim for the nose or chin (though I’ve been told in extreme circumstances, doing this to the nose can be fatal but I’ve never really heard if this is true or not) and just aim upwards

  • other delicate areas: 
  • the shin (hurts like a bitch if you kick it right - also, you can hit this spot if you’re being held in a choke-hold and if your attacker has to move in order to stop you from kicking him, he’ll have to angle his body so as to expose his stomach and crotch to the wild spastic jabbings of your elbows)
  • the solar plexus (either jab while holding your hand in a sort of spear position or use your elbows - unless you’re super strong, your punch probably won’t wind your attacker. Your elbow or a spear hand will, however)
Originally in (most) martial arts, you hit the solar plexus because it supposedly contained an important chakra. Now we know that it actually also contains like a bunch of necessary organs that are exposed just below your ribs and is also (roughly) where your diaphragm lives so getting punched there is not pleasant.
  • the clavicle (from experience, getting hit in your clavicle HURTS LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER. If you strike downwards with your knuckles, the person might just cry. Like I did.)
  • the ear (this is probably the best place to punch besides the throat. It’s all cartilage so it probably won’t hurt you all that much and most people will be like “DUDE YOU PUNCHED ME IN THE EAR WHAT THE HELL”)
  • the kidneys (this is harder to hit without training but if you somehow get your attacker’s back to face you, try to hit’em in the kidneys. Again, from experience, this FUCKING HURTS. You can’t really hit the kidneys from the front with any effect but from the back it is super painful)


  • if you’re held in a choke-hold, try turning your head so the forearm isn’t pressed into your throat. If you can position yourself right, you can sort of force your chin into the crook of the elbow, making you able to still receive (limited) oxygen and provide time for you to kick some shins or elbow some spleens and shit

-Also, remember that a guy’s junk is not an off-button. Don’t think that you can rely on a swift kick to the balls to immediately incapacitate him in an emergency. Adrenaline and anger can keep somebody going for a long time even through extreme pain, and if you expect to end a fight with a single groin-attack you might be caught off-guard when he doesn’t drop. Certainly go for it if you get the chance, but keep hitting him until the fight is over.

-Draw blood if you can, especially if you can draw it from the face or the eyes. Blood in the eyes is not just a good way to impair your attacker’s vision, it’s also a really good way to freak them out and let them know that they might be getting more than they bargained for by picking a fight with you.

-Elbows and knees are really powerful weapons. Elbows are very sharp and very strong and if you are in close-range they are often more effective than trying to throw a punch. 

-Yelling and shouting makes you scary. 

Nothing much to add to this, it’s pretty much all there. So. Reblog. Oh, also, it’s really easy to break a nose - go for the eyes too. All it takes to avoid a shot to the throat is tucking your chin.

Also, that part about the ear - don’t punch. An open hand over the ear hurts a lot.

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to delete the massive obnoxious ads that appeared on top of skype chat windows today:

Turn off skype, go into IE.
Go into internet options
Click security, select restricted sites
hit okay
Go to the general settings
Hit delete under history
Hit delete again
Restart skype

Tenkai Analysis Thing yeah

Okay, so i literally freak out when there are 6 knights in the picture *cough*thatincludesBeni*cough*

And we all know i just- whenever they’re in their Duos

Ex. Guren and Ceylan, Chooki and Toxsa, Gen and Beni, and Slyger and Granox

These are basically the MAIN duos everyone loves and such because they have a HARDCORE FRIENDSHIP ANDTHEY’REBASICALLYLIKETHETOPSHIPSTOOJUSTSAYING

But here’s what I really started to take note of;

They’re basically a Team of 6 and it’s all with their duos.

Because the first 3 duos add up to 6 characters total, Granox and Slyger were somewhat left out.

That’s when it got me; Beag is an important character, Wakamei is an important character. THEY ARE THE GOOD CHARACTERS AND HATE TOWARDS THEM WILL GET PEOPLE TO KICK YO BOTT OUTTA THIS FANDOM

Then I started going into a Train of Thought and saw that they both have pretty similar traits. The biggest one is basically to protect the Tenkai Knights BECAUSE ARE YOU KIDDING ME i SWEAR THAT BEAG WILL EVEN SACRIFICE HIS LIFE TO SAVE IF HE WAS AGAINST HIS OWN WILL AND WAKAMEI WOULD KILL A MAN IF TOXSA WAS HARMED

Next, I also noticed a tiny spark; Kiro and Orangor. I know they literally had one episode, but it’s easy to see their character traits and personalities.

Kiro always wants to play with someone, but she’s pretty much alone ;n;

Orangor loves to have fun, but it’s forced upon him because of that creepy beast guy


Oh lookie! Here’s what I found:

Tenkai Knights:
Guren and Ceylan
Chooki and Toxsa
Gen and Beni

Soldiers and Supporters
Granox and Slyger
Beag and Wakamei
Kiro and Orangor

Now, here’s the final one I wanna say:

Lords and Knowledgers of Quarton
- Mr. White
- Villius
- Boreas
- Eurus
- Zephyrus
- Notus

Each team I made up includes 6 characters and well-working duos. (Except for the last one because Mr. White, Villius, Boreas, and Eurus can be switched around a bit on your preferences).

But anyways, just take some time to think about this and I would love your opinion on the idea!

how do ruin lives???


step 1: know their otp

step 2: write romantic fluffy as shit about that otp and show to them

step 3: suddenly write about person A of the otp dying or suffering greatly as person B can do nothing but watch in horror and show all to them

step 4: laugh as you watch them melt in despair over what you’ve done

step 5: repeat

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general opinions:

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How to balance a checkbook

why is this on my dash. what the fuck im not 40 

Honestly you should start doing this when you start working.

You don’t have to be 40 to know valuable life skills tbh